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Screen Repair Service

Window Re-Screen and Screen Repair Services that we offer include:

  • Window Rescreen and Repair

  • Sliding Screen Door Rescreen and Repair

  • Custom Built Window Screens

  • Custom Built Sliding Screen Doors

  • Window Frame Repair/Replacement for broken screen frame, corners, pull tabs/springs, plungers


Screen Repair services that we offer include: building custom Patio Sliding Screen Doors, Installation and repair of Retractable Screen Doors, custom built window screens, and Rescreening Windows and Sliding Screen Doors.

Types of Screen Materials we offer:


Standard Screen Fabric - Fiberglass Charcoal Color (Black) Mesh.  This traditional fabric matches the majority of residential window and door screen material. It is less likely to be damaged by hail than aluminum (metal) material which will dent and/or break.  We recommend replacing the screen with standard (black) fiberglass material.

Super Screen Fabric - Charcoal Color (Black) Mesh - a material that is very durable and great for screen doors, especially for people with pets and children. It is recommended for Sliding Screen Doors if they are likely to be damaged.  Super Screen is an expensive material and will cost extra. It is also thicker than the fiberglass material, so visibility is slightly compromised. 


Material included in Window and Door Rescreen and Custom Builds:

  • Black Rubber (Spline) that holds screen material in place

  • New Pull Tabs (Clear, Durable) that are the highest quality in the industry.  They do not break like most pull tabs and make installing and removing screens much easier.

  • Replacing broken corners, damaged springs, or plungers.  We will likely be able to fix any bowed in or bent frame.

  • Custom Built Windows and Door Include:                

  • For custom built screens for windows and doors we will match frame color, frame thickness, and dimensions (width, length, and height)

  • Replacement Screens that will match missing window screens, either using a sample (matching) window screen or we will take exact measurements for the new Window Screens or Door.

  • Brand new window screens include new frame, corners, pull tabs, springs/plungers, spline, and screen material (standard or super screen).

  • Screen Frame Repair/Replacement


We also offer Frame Repair for replacing broken or damaged frame if a single side or multiple sides are broken. This option is designed to save money, use this option instead of building an entire new screen because we can likely replace single sides or multiple sides that do not function. Again, we can match the frame color, size, and width.  



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